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Medical Emergency Evacuation Services

  • The weather conditions in mountainous Nepal are often extreme. As a result, trekkers in the Himalayas of Nepal, members of expedition looking to climb the Nepalese mountains and trekkers to pilgrimage destinations such as Kailash Mansarovar may require urgent medical evacuation , casualty evacuation in case of injury during their journey.
    When you are hit by altitude sickness, the difference between life and death is measured by how quickly and efficiently you can arrange for medical evacuation services.
    In emergency medical situations, for urgent medical evacuations you can rely on only a helicopter that can reach you in minimal time.
    Our helicopters are capable of flying at very high altitudes making them ideal for emergency medical evacuation of trekkers/mountaineers/travellers from remote mountains of Nepal. Each of our helicopters is capable of carrying up to three stretchers with seating for attendants and fitted to hold equipment for for medical emergency evacuation services, such as saline drips etc.

Corporate Helicopter Transfer

Mountain Helicharter Service saves Businesses valuable time.

  • We provide Corporate Helicopter Transfer and Corporate Transfers, as required by the corporate houses. The demands upon business executives today require the productive use of your valuable time. There are times when you have to be in places that simply take too long to get to. This is where aircraft of The Mountain Helicharter Services comes into its own.
    Imagine arriving at that building site or out-of-town meeting without all the hassles of waiting in queues for rental cars or taxis, congested roads and stop lights. You arrive fresher, sooner, with the utmost privacy and security when you chartered by our aircrafts.

Search & Rescue Operation

  • We provide Search & Rescue Operation by Helicopter for severely injured or ill people mainly from the Himalayas. Some trekkers and guides get injury of sickness (that is altitude illness, frostbite, heart problem, fracture, dysentery etc.) while they are climbing or in trekking.
    Your one call is enough for us to evacuate the injured from the Himalayas. Just give us accurate location of the incident. Trekkers have to do insurance before going to Himalayas. Many insurance companies cover all the evacuation cost but some may not. So make sure that you are fully coved. Rescue time from the trekking takes different on case to case basic.


Power Visit

  • Nepal is very potential for hydro project.Many national and international companies are involving in hydro projects. We provide the " POWER VISIT " by helicopter where other means of transport cannot reach . Helicopter will help you timely management of hydro projects and geological surveys.

Aerial Filming Photography Helicopter Service

  • Aerial Filming Photography Helicopter Service Specializing in both still and motion photography, The Helicopter Service media related operations include film, television Live to air, documentaries, promotional video work, commercials, aerial props, relief work for television networks and coverage of historical and major sporting events.

Product lunching from World's Highest Point

  • We provide special ceremony "Product lunching from World highest Point. Kala Patthar plateau, Everest Base Camp(5400 m) where on 4th December 2009 ministers of Nepal Government held the world's highest cabinet meeting to raise concerns over the melting of the Himalayan Glaciers due to global warming.
    It is more important for the multinational companies who invest more in media campaigning. World Media Companies like BBC, CNN, Star News, Aaj Tak, Z news, Fox news will cover your story. You product and service will be well known to your target customer.